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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Looking for the Happiness

Every human being wants to find her/his own happiness. However this good could be given only by God. A blog reader was overwhelmed by sadness, until she found the joy of life thanks to Jesus Eucharist.

Dear Cordialiter,
                            How are you? I have just come back from a wonderful experience. I had volunteered in a camp for kids organized by a parrish which was in great need of help. I must say that I really needed it. It was the greatest gift of the Lord. When I first arrived, I was sad and listless. I came back happy and willing to shout loud the love of our Lord with everybody. Many things happened. The Lord spoke to me in every possible way through the questions to the kids, through the various activities and games, through the people I met, through the Eucharistic adoration. I would have stayed for hours by contemplating my Beloved. The Lord made me meet a group of nuns who were always very welcoming and nice to me. They asked me if I never thought to dedicate my life to the Lord. A seminarian, who is just one year older than me, made me feel every day the embrace of our Father.

It was a wonderful experience. It was a camp of ongoing sharing among the other educators and it was the camp where my Beloved was with me every day and let me touch Him by hand. I still have a lot of fear to dedicate myself to Him, but I am happy now and I want to understand more in depth if I will become engaged to Him in order to become His bride. [...]

A hug, let's keep united to Christ and Mary,

(signed letter)

Dear sister in Christ,
                                  I am so happy you found the serenity of the Christian life. It is encouraging to know that the nuns noticed your potentiality for a religious life. I have understood from what you wrote that you feel very unconfortable in the secular world. I can't wait to know that you have abandoned this treacherous world to join an ardent and devout religious order, where you could live with the good Jesus for the rest of your life.

In Corde Matris,