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Monday, April 30, 2012

Help vocations

A Polish girl wants to help me...

Dear Brother in Jesus,
                                      Thank You for writing to me. It is my dream to return to the convent but unfortunately it is not possible... but instead, I pray for holy vocations, for the souls who would console Jesus and His sweet Heart with their love. He has come to put the fire of love on earth, and what is His desire, if not that this fire burns? My Mother is 76 now and I have to take care of her, I'm her only daughter. It is sweet to love Jesus together - we join our prayers often. And the charity between us is growing. It is my big consolation, that, in the middle of the world, we are living a little bit like sisters. Besides, I'm seriuosly sick right now. I will have to be on medications until the end of my life. But how good is to offer everything... to leave my will and let the Will of God become reality in my life!

I would like to help You with the translations in Polish. This would be a honor for me to help You... and You are so right - it is no use to enter the falling convent... and to help a vocation, what a joy! It is like the mission of saint John the Baptist, to prepare the road for God... and then, when He arrives, we shall become little, and He should grow...

God had certainly inspired You to promote religious life... You are in my prayers... friends of the Lord are mine :)

Me too, I'm 32... and so many things I have to learn... for exemple, how to love Jesus... I do not know why I am opening my heart to You, somehow I feel You would understand... if I take Your time, please forgive me...

I love gregorian... it is so peacefull and full of deep respect towards God.

May the Lord bless You,

Kind regards,

(signed letter)