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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Letter of encouragement

A Polish girl wrote me a letter of encouragement ...

Dear Friend!

I have read your blog with joy - it is a great and beautiful work to encourage to follow Jesus. I have spent some time in different congregations and still have a beautifull memory of them. Unfortunately, my health does not permit me to be a sister. Every time I was in convent I was sick, and sickness was dissapearing when I came home. It was a difficult experience... my greatest dream was to become a cloistered dominican, but I am not worthy of this vocation... still, I look Jesus into His Heart and know He loves me... and I desire to answer that Love... With time, I have learned to accept my humble vocation in the world... but still I have contact with dominicans, they are a sign for me, a sign of brightness in the middle of incredulity so much present today... and I pray for holy vocations, hoping that in Heaven we will all meet in the Love of God, sisters and me... and the souls.

I wish I could return to the convent!

Your friend in Jesus,
(signed letter)

Dear sister in Christ,
                                  I'm glad you like the blog on the religious vocations. I'm italian, do you speak my language?

I really hope you can return to live in a convent, if this is the will of God.

Sincerely in Jesus and Mary,