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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Vocation priest

Dear Cordialiter,
                              [...] I often visit your interesting blog!

It does my soul good to know that there are so many witnesses of people (also young people) who do speak about spiritual things, while everything which surrounds us so superficial is. Thank you also for your answers which arrive directly to my heart.

Because your blog treats vocations and because I thing that wittiness’s of holy priests are necessary I would like to remember Father Angelo, since a year has passed from his death, happened 21st November 2010. He was always available for everybody, always ready to comfort those which were in suffering, with little words but with a huge charity. One glance, one word from him and difficulties seemed easier to overcome. Coherent in everything he taught and indicated: he was the first to practice what he said. Patience, discreetness, mildness and humility were his characteristics. He has totally lived the charisma of Don Bosco. Father Angelo has never spared himself and he knew how to involve and interest people. He was animated by a strong spirituality, by love to Our Lord Jesus, to Mary Help of Christians, to Don Bosco and to the Catholic Church.

Thank you for everything,

(signed letter)

Dear sister in Christ,
                                   I am happy to know that you continue to follow my blog. It’s a joy for me to know that there are other people who still interest themselves in spiritual arguments.

Don Bosco said that a Priest never alone goes to Paradise or hell: with him always go a lot of souls, or saved by his holy Ministry and his good example, or lost with his negligence in fulfilling his duties and with his bad example.

Therefore we have to pray the Lord that He sends us many and holy Priests who zeal for the goodness of the souls.

I greet you cordially in Corde Regis,