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Monday, July 21, 2014


I publish an interview with a woman interested in religious life.

- When did you start to feel attracted to religious life?

- I've always loved the atmosphere of a church since I was born. I remember feeling God's call to religious life when I was 10 years old and in elementary school in fifth grade.

- Why do you want to become a nun?

- I have always intensely hated the bad behaviour of most people who do not live as God wants them to. Egocentric, lying, greedy, backbiting, sloppy, immature, irresponsible behaviour belongs in the garbage can not in the daily lives of people.

- Do I feel more attracted to the apostolic life or a life of contemplation?

- I feel more attracted to being a contemplative nun. I have lived a very noisy, stressful life. I was the fourth child of three teenage siblings who were very loud with their continual stream of rock music on their record players, their friends and themselves going in and out of the house at all hours of the day and night all the while slamming doors loudly. They also spoke loudly with our parents and with each other. They often used bad language and continually blamed our parents for everything they were not allowed to do. Just like 3 spoiled brats. I was always being blamed for everything bad that happened in the family because I was the youngest child. As a child, teen and adult I sought the quiet refuge of contemplative life and places by visiting the monks and nuns, going to church sanctuaries, listening to Gregorian Music, attending weekday masses a lot and praying for needy people.

- Have you made the vocational experience in the monastery?

- Yes. As a resident volunteer for the last 2 weeks in July 2007. A very happy experience.

- Why do you love the Tridentine Mass?

- I love the beauty of the Mass with the processional rites and the clerical robes and costumes. I love hearing the prayers and readings in that beautiful Latin language. I love the quiet, intricate way that the Mass is spoken. It passes by like a captivating, interesting book. I also love the way that the priest recites the Mass with his back turned towards the people. It reminds me that the priest is a special man and that He and God are always with us on a continual base of time. I also love the masculinity and brotherhood in the Tridentine Tradition because the Church Fathers in this tradition always includes a Third Prayer at the beginning of The Mass which clearly demonstrates a deep respect and reverence for all different types of women including prayerful women, administrative women, healing women and political mediator women.

- In your home, can you practice the devout life?

- Yes. Most definitely. I would not have it any other way.
- What advice would I offer to people who want to pursue a religious vocation after reading a religious blog?
- Let the blog's words and your first instincts inspire you. Your first guess about whether to be a priest, monk, nun or church worker is your best. Keep it. Read books. Take religious courses. Talk with pastors and clergy about your future goals in pursuing religious vocations. Learn to own your own feelings, thoughts and behaviours through the Contrition Prayer and Confession. Simplify your life by eliminating all unnecessary material items and busy work activities from your home. Keep an open heart and ear towards where God is calling you to be. Avoid discussing your religious desires with any atheists or significant others that hate anything or anyone who is a thinker or talks about anything else besides looks, hairstyles, fashion, celebrities, weight, parties, music, television, travel trips, malls and gossip about other people. Please be reminded that 12 years old is considered an adult who is capable of making his own decisions and living with the consequences. Your body and your soul belongs only to you. Do not let this kind of decision be made by anyone else but you and you alone.