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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Numerous Vocations to the Servidoras Order in the United States

In the United States, it is surprising to see how many vocations the Servidoras Order receives as a gift of God. There are currently 5 postulants and 13 novices. This is extraordinary!

Several American religious orders have not attracted any vocation for the past 40 years. How could it be possible for the Servidoras Order to get so many vocations? First of all, this is merite and gift of God, for He calls people to the religious life. Second, I think that those graces have been generated by the contemplative branch of the Order, the enclosed nuns. Third, the vocational success also depends upon the life style conducted by the active branch of the Order. A life style which is fervent, joyful, and apostolic. The nuns' good example is a powerful magnet drawing young girls in vocational discernment.

I hope that the "Servants of God and of the Virgin of Matara'" will continue to grow and to spread widely. The world is in great need of apostolic nuns working ardently to safe the souls for the greater glory of God.